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Songs of the Spirit: Hymns of Praise & Prayer to God the Holy Ghost by W. H. Odenheimer

Posted on: December 22, 2011

Edited by: William Henry Odenheimer, Frederic M. Bird
Published by: Anson D. F. Randolph & Company
ISBN: 978-1-149143155
Paperback, pages 636



This is a spiritual worshipful book dedicated to the devotion of the Holy Ghost.

It is all written in the English language, however the foreign dedicated hymns and prayers have kept their titles, as per the index table of contents and on their relevant page, in their respective mother tongues, and it also has been acknowledged with detailed notes as to their original origins, but the main text of the prayers and hymns has been translated into English.

It is a wonderful addition to the prayers said by those who have an affinity for Him and also for those who seek religious guidance, and solace within the Christian faith such as below:

‘Grieve not the Spirit’

My faith is weak, my foes are strong,
My wandering heart with anguish pained:
Celestial Dove, where art Thou fled,
Since I thine Influence restrained?
O come again and ease my heart;
There dwell, and never thence depart.

Teach me Thy sovereign will to know,
From paths of folly to return;
O let me never grieve Thee more,
Nor ever hence Thine absence mourn.
Come then, celestial Dove, impart
Thy sacred peace to soothe my heart.

(This was a written extract which is on page 415, and it is an English Hymn of the 18th century, which petitions the Holy Ghost.)

And the prayers to him are followed by a closure of thanks in homage, which can be found on page 143 that was written by Rev. R. Frost within the book as to be consistent in our dedication, that is:

Brethren, let us join to raise
To the Spirit hymns of praise:
Thanks, eternal thanks, be given
For this precious Gift of Heaven.

And the candles I use are blown out straight after the homage, in prayers and dedications, that has been said and done to the Holy Spirit.

My Facebook Note on ‘The Holy Trinity’:

So the next stage in my religious development in my belief of the Trinity, is to be very devotional to the Holy Spirit, therefore I will be singing his praise and giving prayers to him in daily worship in the privacy of my home using the book: ‘Songs of the Spirit: Hymns of Praise and Prayer to God the Holy Ghost’ by William Odenheimer*

Buy at Amazon:

And I will continue attending publicly the liturgy of Low Mass, and doing Meditation at my local Anglican church twice a week, as well as going to my local Parish Methodist church on a Sunday for the Sermons, in my overall dedication.

* IN ADDENDUM: William Henry Odenheimer (August 11, 1817–August 14, 1879) was the third Episcopal Bishop of New Jersey and the first of Northern New Jersey. After his ordination to the priesthood, he served as rector of St. Peter’s Church in Philadelphia, remaining at the parish from his ordination until his elevation to the episcopate. And while there, Odenheimer received a ‘doctorate of divinity’ from the University of Pennsylvania. He also was an author of several books, which included the ‘Songs of the Spirit: Hymns of Praise and Prayer to God the Holy Ghost’ that was published in 1871. His theological beliefs were out of step with the rising anti-Catholicism of Philadelphia the 1840s, but Odenheimer as a bishop, sought to steer a middle course between the extremes in the religions of Catholicism and Protestantism.



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